Law Firm Financings

LegalBridge is a leading provider of Law Firm Loans, Advancement of Fees, Lines of Credit, Case Cost or Trial Financing, Expert Witness Costs and other general capital office expense needs.  We can structure large and small transactions on either a recourse or non-recourse basis depending on the nature of each transaction.

Positive Reasons to Consider Funding from LegalBridge?

  • Growth:     Immediate capital to scale your operation. Credit Lines up to $25MM  
  • Credible:    We are a leader in this space, with access to large capital portfolio companies 
  • Efficiency:  We offer the fastest approvals with less underwriting than traditional banks     
  •  Pricing:      Interest rates/Usage Fees with simple interest ranging from 12% to 35% per annum   
  • Flexibility:  We can tailor transactions and paybacks, so your cash-flow remains strong        
  • Transparent:  No upfront fees for Underwriting or hidden fees built into our contracts    
  • Service:  Our goal is to work tirelessly to help get your firm the capital it desires        

Key Requirements to be Eligible for Funding:

  1. Diversified Portfolio of personal injury and/or other contingency fee type cases
  2. Track Record of success in settling and/or trial wins
  3. Steady cash-flow and profits each year
  4. Reputable principals within the firm with a history of integrity