LegalBridge’s executive team brings over 75 years of combined experience of structuring investment banking transactions; including equity, debt and mezzanine financing for all types of businesses and industries.

Their experience in the legal finance industry specifically has led to a niche market of structuring creative, high-end funding solutions for large commercial litigations and law firms in the middle to top tier markets. Funding ranges typically start at $100K to $250K and go up as high as $50MM in credit line facilities for large law firms.

If your firm or specific case has a substantial cash need, and have been denied by other less experienced funding groups, LegalBridge’s executive team is here to help you get the capital you need!  

Chris Janish

Mr. Janish began his career on Wall Street in 1993 where he quickly rose to lead investment banker and head of corporate finance at Hornblower & Weeks, an old-line broker dealer.  Mr. Janish structured countless transactions in both the private and public market sectors throughout his career on Wall Street. 

In 2011, while the stock market was in a long term slump, he saw an opportunity in the legal finance industry and started Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding. The strategy was to make uncorrelated investments – from traditional equities – into in lawsuits via: plaintiff advances, surgical funding’s and attorney loans.  Mr. Janish has been the CEO of Legal-Bay since 2011 and has produced positive investment returns for the last 7 years for his strategic investment funds.

He has structured, raised, and ultimately funded close to $1Bil. in equity, debt, and mezzanine financing for consumers and businesses/industries over the last 25+ years on Wall Street and now in the legal finance industry.

Charles (Chuck) Cocuzza
Managing Partner – west coast operations

Mr. Cocuzza began his career in the early 90’s on Wall St as an investment banker working with emerging growth companies. He assisted dozens of companies in raising millions in capital, identifying acquisition targets and advising these companies through the public markets. He founded Bridgeview legal funding 15 years ago, initially he focused on plaintiffs and their medical care financing. Through his efforts he has assisted in funding thousands of cases for over $50MM.  The last 5 years he has evolved his focus solely on financing Law firms, medical providers and complex commercial matters. He is currently consulting with law firm client’s on how to grow their practices via proper financing options for case costs and operating capital. He is also working on helping law firms identify acquisition targets for horizontal growth; as well as providing exit strategy options for older practices looking to sell.

Frank Terzo
National Sales Manager

Mr. Terzo is a career sales and finance professional, bringing LegalBridge over 25 years of experience successfully identifying client needs. After obtaining his Series 7, Frank began his career on Wall Street as an Investment Banker and quickly adapted to the ever-changing climate that Wall Street brings. Mr. Terzo raised capitol on private placements, IPO’s and equity transactions. He remained concentrated in sales, finance and leadership bridging his skills to the banking & insurance industry, servicing personal and commercial lines for past companies, Brown and Brown, MetLife and Wells Fargo.

Frank has been recognized with high accolades and rewarded with performance trips for exceeding sales goals attributable to his uncanny ability to lead a sales team and assess the business needs of his clients by tailoring funding solutions – throughout a multitude of industries.